From the Vizovice castle to the lookout tower in Doubrava

The fifty-five meter high mast of a mobile operator with a lookout tower was ceremonially opened on July 17, 2004 at the top of Doubrava near Vizovice (672 m.n.m). In the first half of the last century there was one lookout tower - it was wooden, it was dilapidated by time, and in the 1950s it had to be pulled down. The construction of the new steel tower took approximately two years and was invested by T-mobille. The observation platform, which is located 33 meters above the surrounding terrain, leads to a total of 174 stairs, and there is a nice view of the Vizovice and Hostýn Hills and the Luhačovice Highlands. Very good seen are Vizovice and Zlín, or Velká Javorina, Svatý Hostýn and Radhošť.