From Vizovice Chateau to Janova hora

After visiting Vizovice Chateau, you can take a hiking trip that takes you to Janova hora and from there you can climb up to the "old castle".

From the chateau, take a stroll around the church of St. Vavrinec and continue along the main road. At the hospital, you will cross over to the left. Approximately 60 meters from the hospital, on the left, you will find a way down the hill to go further. You drive down the street 3. května toward the ruins of Jan's Castle. The red hiking sign will take you to the cottage area, where you will then follow the 3rd cabin from the red marked road to the right by the arrow "To the castle". After about 150m you turn again according to the arrow "To the castle" to the left on the forest path and after 200m you find Jan's castle. From Jan's castle you continue straight up the hill and after 200 meters again we come across a red marked path which leads further to the Spletený Hill. From the Spletený Hill you can take a trip to the nearby lookout tower Doubrava (along the blue tourist route) or to the Luhačovice Dam or return to Vizovice.